Energy Modeling and Auditing Services

As buildings and building systems become ever more complicated and interdependent the need for whole building energy modeling and energy auditing becomes more a requirement than an option. Summit Consultants believes that energy modeling should start with the building programming phase in order help the team understand the energy repercussion of the building orientation and space layouts and continue as the building envelope, mechanical and lighting systems are selected and is not finish until the building is commissioned. Once the building commissioning is complete the building energy auditing process begins. On average the cost of designing and constructing a building is only 5 to 10 percent of the cost of owning the building. A major building operating expense for building owners is the energy it takes to light, heat, and cool the building and process loads. Over time systems break down, get out of calibration, or are modified without understanding the impact to the overall system. In these days of shrinking profits and fluctuating energy prices the building energy audit becomes an important process in keeping building operating expenses to a minimum.

Summit Consultants extensive experience in the design, commissioning, and operation of building systems gives us a unique insight into the energy modeling and auditing process of these systems.