Commissioning Services

Building commissioning is the systematic process of ensuring that a building’s complex array of systems is installed, and tested to perform according to the design intent and the building owner’s operational needs. The commissioning of new buildings will be most effective when considered throughout the planning and early design stages of the project.

The goal of commissioning is to deliver a building that works, that meets the owners requirements, that the owner can operate efficiently, for the life of the building and systems. The Summit Commissioning Group provides an engineering based process to assess, functionally test, and optimize the integration and energy performance of building systems.

Our Performance-Commissioning combines the concept of original operation with the reality of current control technology and system enhancements. The results of our Performance-Commissioning allow a system to be energy efficient while operating as originally intended.

We deliver results. The Summit Commissioning process focuses on early identification and resolution of issues to facilitate achieving a high performance facility. Summit has provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning services for many Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified projects, including New Construction (NC), Core and Shell (CS), Healthcare (HC), and Existing Buildings (EB).